Ape Universe

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APE UNIVERSE $ApeU is an disruptive #DaaS family of $UNIV on #Avalanche. Passive income up to 2,044% APR, NFTs, Sustainability & More.

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ApeU Tiers

Unbeatable APR

Create your Ape starting with as little as 52,000 ApeU to earn lifetime high-yield ApeU token rewards currently estimated between 0.87% and 3.05% of ApeU per day.


The security of Ape Universe and its community is our top priority. Our team and consultants have invested considerable efforts to create a protocol that we believe is safe and reliable.

DaaS Yield Farming

The currently supported protocols for our DaaS yield farming and staking are seen below: • Yearn Finance • Terra • Beefy Finance • Reaper.Farm • Boo Finance. As Ape Universe evolves and our investments change, announcements will be made to ensure full transparency,


The contract has been forked to mimic the performance, security, reliability, and clarity of the code. Our resilient developers are working around the clock to ensure all standards are met.

Treasury Management

Each time a node is created, the protocol manually removes part of the liquidity that is generated and collects it as fees to fill the treasury. Rather than inflated micro-sells initiated by compounding/reward claims, followed by another set of automated sells for each node creation.


Traditionally nodes could have one permanent owner, but that is no longer the case. Ape Universe's 'Ape' NFT (node) can be transferred, exchanged, and traded outside the main ApeU token. Additionally, the concept will provide unparalleled transparency of investment.

Smart Daily Limits

The Smart Daily Limits are part of Ape Universe's protocol to keep liquidity pools safer from savage whales and pesky bots, establishing Ape Universe as one of the safest node-type of tokens to hold.

Buyback and Burn

As soon as we start receiving liquidity dedicated to bringing revenues we will put it to work in staking and farms according to our supported protocols. The generated rewards will be only used to buy progressively ApeU tokens and burn them.

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